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Seminar: A Multicommodity Network Flow Approach to Coal Train Crew Scheduling
Presented by Matt Herbert of Biarri on 9 Oct 2014
The seminar can be viewed on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cz8vK5Blymk

Seminar: A framework for optimising resource supply chains
Presented by Colin Eustace of Aurecon on 10 Apr 2014
This presentation focussed on NPV (net present value) based optimisation of resource supply chain projects at the concept stage. Colin demonstrated the importance optimisation using quantitative economic analysis rather than rules-of-thumb and ad-hoc decision making. Along the way, some serious questions were raised over long-held sacred beliefs on how resource supply chains should be designed. In particular, Colin highlighted the economic benefits of long-distance conveyor over rail in the types of systems where rail generally dominates.
The seminar was recorded through QUT"s AV system and can be viewed on YouTube http://youtu.be/oRY7QJQWoD8

ASOR QLD AGM was held on 10 Apr 2014. At the meeting, the new executive committee was elected, and the reports from the honorary secretary and the honorary treasurer were passed.

Tropofy Workshop
By ASOR QLD, 19 Nov 2013
ASOR QLD and the Decision Science Discipline (QUT) jointly organised the workshop "Tropofy – A Platform for Problem Solvers" on 19 Nov 2013. Tropofy is a web deployment platform for quantitative decision making. It utilises the python programming language (framework) and enables the deployment of problem solving apps to the cloud. Extensive web development knowledge or experience is not required to use Tropofy. The primary advantage of Tropofy is that an app can be implemented in any language and run on any platform. (see http://www.tropofy.com/ ). Tropofy may make it easier for the implementation and deployment of OR projects. It is free for academic use and may help the research community to show-case their works.

Emphasising research in undergraduate Operations Research
By Dr Layna Groen (University of Technology, Sydney), 8 Jul 2013
"This paper will describe how undergraduate research is being incorporated into the learning experiences of third-year mathematics students....."

Big data: an open source solution
By Dr Kari Stuart, Katherine Hynard and Matthew Gray (AECOM), 2 May 2013
"The AECOM Analytics and Simulation team thrives on finding smarter and more efficient solutions to some of the world's most challenging projects...."

By Dr Paul Corry, Dec 2006
"Auto-Solve makes use of VBA macros to automate the process of setting up and solving some commonly used optimisation models ....."