ASOR Membership

Becoming a Member of ASOR

ASOR in a National Organisation with a local branch structure. Membership of ASOR nationally is gained via local branch membership. ASOR is working towards a uniform membership model, but until then, in order to join ASOR please make contact with one of our active branches: see Branches and Chapters.

Membership rates vary between branches, but typically are below $50 per year for full memberships and free for university students.

Who are ASOR Members?

ASOR members are academics, professional researchers, engineers, analysts, students and anyone else who has an interest in combinatorial optimisation, global optimisation, simulation, system dynamics, industrial engineering, economic modelling, management science, computer science and other quantitative disciplines which are oriented towards better decision making through quantitative methods. We're an inclusive organisation.

Can I participate in ASOR social media and events if I'm not a member?

Yes, you can. Almost all ASOR events are open to members and non-members, and our email list and LinkedIn group are open to all.