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Becoming a Member of ASOR

ASOR welcomes students and professionals with an interest in Operations Research. ASOR members are academics, professional researchers, engineers, analysts, students, logisticians, financial modellers, consultants, technologists, data scientists, and essentially anyone else who has an interest in combinatorial optimisation, continuous optimisation, simulation, system dynamics, industrial engineering, economic modelling, management science, computer science and other analytics disciplines which are oriented towards better decision making.

ASOR offers student ($0), standard ($70) and retired/non-employed membership ($30) categories. ASOR is not presently GST registered, so these fees do not include GST

ASOR as an organisation is part of the Asia-Pacific OR Societies (APORS) and the International Federation of OR Societies. As a member of ASOR you are also able to be part of APORS and IFORS' events including online seminars. We do not provide your personal membership information to APORS and IFORS so please do subscribe separately to their social-media and email-based communications.

Joining ASOR is easy. We encourage you to utilise the self-serve facility that we have set up, via the link below.


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We engage a popular and professional membership service provider that is based in the United States to collect your fees online and securely manage the basic information about your membership (name, date of birth, and institution). ASOR does not under any circumstances provide your name or personal information to any third party. If you prefer not to manage your membership online, or wish to discuss membership matters, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..