About ASOR

ASOR is a not-for-profit national organisation. ASOR is entirely operated by volunteers drawn from its membership.

ASOR adopted a new constitution in 2021 and this can be viewed at ASOR Constitution. ASOR is incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory under the Associations Incorporation Act 1991 (Registration number A 00227). The ASOR Public Officer is Philip Kilby (CSIRO Data61, Canberra). 

ASOR is not presently registered for Australian GST.

ASOR National Committee 2021

ASOR is run by the ASOR National Committee who are all unpaid volunteers. The current members of the ASOR National Committee are:

  • ASOR President - Simon Dunstall (CSIRO Data61, Melbourne)
  • ASOR Vice-President - Sondoss el-Sawah (ADFA, Canberra)
  • ASOR National Treasurer - Melanie Ayre (CSIRO Data61, Melbourne)
  • David Marlow (DST Group, Melbourne)
  • Hasan Turan (ADFA, Canberra)
  • Paul Gaertner (DST Group, Adelaide)
  • Masih Fadaki (RMIT, Melbourne)
  • Babak Abbasi (RMIT, Melbourne)
  • Asef Nazar (Deakin University, Geelong)
  • Louis Caccetta (Curtin University, Perth)
  • Paul Lochert (Melbourne)
  • Honglei Xu (Curtin University, Perth)

ASOR Elections 2022

Elections for the ASOR National Committee will be held in mid to late April 2022.