The ASOR Constitution (2021)

At the ASOR Annual General Meeting held on 11 January 2021, the 34 ASOR members that were present or which had provided proxies (this being about 20% of the current membership) unanimously voted to accept the proposed revised constitution for ASOR, which is now formally the ASOR Constitution.

ASOR began a process of reviewing and re-drafting its Constitution in late 2019, with assistance from the Associations Forum of which we are a member. The January 2021 Changes to the constitution enable ASOR to comply with the current legislation/regulations that apply in Australia to our kind of organisation, and enable ASOR to put in place more efficient and effective decision-making and membership-oriented processes. Between 19 October 2020 and 30 November 2020 we offerred to members a draft of this constitution for their information, comment and feedback. Relevant other documents for this were the now-superseded ASOR Constitution which we believe dates to 1994, and a summary of constitution changes.